Why did I take the time to write this?

Three years ago I was lost.  I was a recent graduate trying to do anything I could to succeed.  I was doing recruiting sales making 70-80 cold calls a day.  The company I was working for went as far as to tell me “not to be myself”.  Needless to say, I was broken.  I didn’t even know that entrepreneurship was an option for me.  I didn’t know I could wear jeans to work, who would have thought that was even possible?

Then I met David Hauser, the co-founder of Grasshopper.  He had tried hiring PR firms, in house PR people, sales guys, everyone.  Nothing worked.  He needed someone to come in and handle a little bit of everything.  He needed someone who could really get people talking about his brand.  After showing him that I was energetic, crazy, and passionate enough to potentially create this department for him – I got my chance.  With very little guidance I was given the opportunity to run forward at full speed.  I made every mistake under the sun.  But I learnt quickly and kept making more mistakes, eventually ending up in a much better place than where I started.  I built Grasshopper’s Buzz Department from the ground up and am responsible for generating over 500 “media mentions” in about 2 and a half years.  I never wrote a single press release.  I had zero PR experience, zero entrepreneurship experience, and zero precedent.  Despite all of this I was able to build relationships and partnerships with some of the most well respected brands in the entrepreneurial world.  I helped make Grasshopper’s brand approachable, warm, and human.

The opportunity I was given at Grasshopper helped me discover who I am.  They created an environment for success and in 3 years, as one person, I was able to make a noticeable impact.  The Buzz Department became synonymous with the “Get Shit Done Department”.

What type of person would I be if I didn’t share that experience with you?  What type of entrepreneur would I be if I knew something that could help your startup succeed and I didn’t spend all my free time writing about it? Yelling from the rooftops about it? Doing everything I could to share it with you?

The truth is I wouldn’t be much of an entrepreneur at all.

Being the Ambassador of Buzz has changed my life, as well as people’s perception of Grasshopper, forever.

My goal in writing this is to help you take three or four gigantic steps in the right direction.  I want to help you dominate.  I want you to become an unforgettable brand ambassador.